Ornaments by Elves

About Us

There’s something special about Christmas. Its the family tradition, the excitement of the gifts, the time to spend with the ones we love and the sense of being thankful for all that we have. Its a feeling most of us wish we could have all year round. At Ornaments by Elves, we believe that the magic of Christmas is a year round event and our personalized ornaments are designed to give you that magic - whenever you want it.


We started Ornaments by Elves in 2011 as a simple, but very popular, series of small kiosks across New York City. We were inspired by the joy that came from the holiday season in our adopted home. There is something about Christmas in New York - it is magical and special. We wanted to spread this feeling of joy throughout the year and create a store that would add festive cheer even in the middle of summer.


We are Bahar and Berk and we have worked together on our Christmas ornament business since its inception. Not only do we work together creatively and in a business sense, but we are partners in life also. Our trust in each other spreads to our business and allows us to build a business that utilizes both of our skills. We are both proud holders of bachelor's degrees in business and so, this has felt like our natural path together.


We produce personalized Christmas ornaments that are created for our customers while they wait. Each design is carefully inscribed with the name or date that the customer would like - and made exactly as they wish. Its a simple, but effective idea that our customers love. But we feel that we offer so much more.

Our customers can trust that we offer the very best service. It isn’t just about our guarantees or our design quality - it is about the feeling they get when they enter our store. They are stepping into a new world - one where they are put first. Our little elves love their jobs and they pass on this feeling to the customer, offering individualized service that truly comes from the heart.


Our kiosk stores proved to be so popular that we have now become an online store - with the same perfect service and high quality product. Now we can reach a wider audience and create magical Christmases for people across the world.

Christmas is a time of joy - its a time we all celebrate what is special about those we love. We express ourselves through the decoration of our homes and to be but a small part of that process is a privilege for us that keeps us going all year round. We love the joy that we see on the faces of our customers and we can't wait to provide that for our new online customers too.